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GripBeats®'s App



We've worked extensively on everything on the hardware, firmware and design up until now, but now the app is finally ready as well!  


Notice how within the demo (to the left) that the user is able to play multiple instruments at the same time in one live performance. It gets a lot more exciting than that though; recognise how all things such as tempo and tonality can be changed as well. 


Just wait until you see this hooked up with the device!


November 2018

HKSTP 2018 Elevator Pitch


GripBeats® was selected as 1 of the 100 participants in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation 2018 Elevator Pitch. Although we didn't win, the pitch was a thrilling experience (literally) and the networking was useful. 


Our exact pitch can be found here (at 1:48:00): HKSTP Elevator Pitch.



October 2018


UK / Hong Kong / USA

November 2017


GripBeats® continues to win numerous competitions in Europe, Asia and the US with increasingly better prototypes and pitches. Some of the competitions include the following examples:



NY Odyssey

Tsinghua T-Union

The King's20 Investors Demo Day

On Thursday 6th July 2017, GripBeats® performed in the King's20 Investors Demo Day where David Wexler, the CEO, pitched for £150,000 investment towards continued R&D, operations, and PR to bring the GripBeats product to market. Both David Wexler and the CTO, Harvey Grant, offered demonstrations and questions and answers at their stall following the pitch. While we did not raise investment on the day, we collated a list of those investors which came to us looking forward to seeing our final MVP demo prototype. 

July - 2017

Soyoye Prize for Technology Innovation

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, GripBeats® competed in the Soyoye Technology Innovation Competition along with 4 of the other best ventures in the King's20 Program and was awarded £13,000 (US$16.6K) towards their product and business' development! Congratulations!

March - 2017


 For the written article, please go here: SmartGlovesScholarship

For the exclusive KCL Music Department article, please go here: KCLMusicArticle

And here on Tech.London  

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

We've successfully been sponsored a visit to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China, as part of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's Soft-Landing Program for Technology and Innovation Collaboration in April 2017.


 March - 2017


For more information on the HKSTP, please go here: HKSTPSoftLandingProgram

Stefan Allesch-Taylor Scholarship

We were fortunate to get through to the finals of the Allesch Taylor Scholarship Competition and even more so to win the funding needed for the next stages of our GripBeats' development! £2000 (US$2.5K).


December - 2016



For the full article, please go here: SmartGlovesScholarship








 Prof. Stefan Allesch-Taylor (left), David Wexler (centre), Prof. Edward Byrne (right). 

KCLVA (King's College London Venture Accelerator) 2016/17

GripBeats® was accepted into the King's20 Cohort for 2016/17 as 1 of the 20 top teams for entrepreneurship and product development from the whole of King's College London. With office space at the BBC's former headquarters in Central London, Bush House, funding and network opportunities and consulting from business professionals, GripBeats thrived in its first accelerator. Other teams consisted of businesses ranging from just creative stage, to the majority of teams that were already operating and selling their products online. Between October 2016 to March 2017, GripBeats® accelerated to a position from conceptualisation to research and development which was unmatched by any other team on the accelerator. 


 February - 2017




For more information on the King's20 program, please go here: King's20Accelerator


"GripBeats was only...

...a dream concept this time last year (2015). We're moving incredibly fast and we can only keep going. I am so grateful for such an incredible and passionate team."

David Wexler - Feb 2017


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