GripBeats (formerly named Smart Gloves) was inspired by body percussion, a natural way of creating drum sounds using just your body and hands by clicking, clapping and chest-slapping. When mastered, a player of body percussion can even play the backing drums to any of the songs that he/she wants!

The inspiration for GripBeats originated from David Wexler's ability to play body percussion. This video demonstrates his long experience developing this skill which beginning in October 2016, has lead to the development of GripBeats. You can check out his latest body percussion inventions here on this site

Prototype 1A (our first), as you can see, is producing mixed sounds on a synthesiser wirelessly over bluetooth using limited components built onto some materials.  


This is the first version of our mobile app for a sequencer which will interact with our gloves.  As you can see, it currently offers three tabs; one for the interactive sound trackpad, one for the effects, and one for the volume. 

Why use only one hand when you can experiment using two? This video demonstrates the left hand making combined triggers along with the dressed right hand.

With our first few prototypes, we user tested them with local students such as in the video above. The kids were bewildered by the device but swiftly became acquaint with how to use it.

Perhaps most interesting, this video demonstrate an attempt to combine both body percussion with the P1A (at 1:20). 



Notice from 45s the obvious change of rhythmic tempo which is being controlled all through the hand! 



Again, this video demonstrate an attempt to combine both body percussion with the P1A (from 15s), this time having the synth continued playing in the background.

We realised very soon on that developing our own wearable music device would be as much about its technical features as it would be about its industrial design and fabrication. For this reason, we dedicated a whole separate challenge to creating something which really did fit and work well overall.


These images demonstrate our first working prototype from a number of different angles. We worked on a particular design which was both comfortable, looked good but most importantly, would later be effective for electronic body percussion.



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