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Download the latest patch releases and GripBeats® software below! (new updates and releases every month!)

GB Standalones

For using GripBeats® as a standalone MIDI instrument. Each Patch below contains a different way of using your GripBeats®'s movement and touch to make music on any DAW or music software which receives BLE MIDI (MIDI over Bluetooth). Click to see their respective functionalities.


For using GripBeats® with the exclusive GripBeats® Desktop App for Mac and Windows.

Flash the DESKTOP PATCH to your GripBeats® (either manually or using the GripBeats® Mobile App mentioned here) and download the respective GripBeats® Desktop App below to get started! A video and guide on Getting Started On GripBeats® For Desktop for here for Windows and Apple.

The GripBeats® Desktop App


Instructions on how to manually flash these to your GripBeats® device can be found here OR directly via the Home>Settings>Firmware Settings of the GripBeats® App downloadable for Android or Apple here →

Download the GripBeats® App.png

Join the GripBeats® Community Discord and share your thoughts and experiences using GripBeats® with the GripBeats® Team and other GripBeats® users both publically and privately.

Patch Downloadng
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