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How to Map THE GRIPBEATS® DESKTOP APP & Use Different Patches in ableton live (or other daws)


  • The GripBeats® Desktop App is made up of two parts; the GripBeats® Desktop App and the GripBeats® Desktop Patch. Both are downloadable from the Patches page here.

Map your gripbeats® to Ableton live (the same process applies to all the other daws - logic, garageband, etc.)

STEP 1. IAC Driver Bus 1

  • Open the Audio MIDI, and locate/create a new Port named Bus 1

STEP 2. GripBeats® Desktop App

STEP 3. Ableton Live SET

  • Open Ableton Live, and the GripBeats.als Live Set

  • Open Ableton Live Preferences (CMD + ,)

  • In Link/Tempo/MIDI enable Track & Remote for IAC Driver (Bus 1)

  • Open Patch "2a" in GripBeats® Desktop App: Melodic Instrument

  • Map PITCH to: control Frequency of OSC1

Enable the parameter to map, and move the sensor to latch (CMD + m)

  • Open Patch "2b" in GripBeats® Desktop App: Percussive Instrument

  • Adjust the Pad base line filter amount (if needed). Lower values = more sensitivity

  • Map PAD (8) velocity to: control Frequency of DRUM RACK

  • Map YAW to: control Transpose of DRUM RACK


Creating the iac bus