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  • You can download patch bravo from the GripBeats® website here.

  • Like the ALPHA patch, patch BRAVO has up to 8 different motion static (hand position) gestures which each perform their own unique chord. If performed accurately, and in progression, users can create very effective and continuous chord progressions.


  • This patch will allow you to experiment with performing up to 8 different static motion gestures, each triggering a different chord. The chord will sound for as long as the hand is held in each specific position correctly (so you can learn how to accurately find and hold these gestures!). The chord changes for Patch BRAVO should also be much smoother and reliable thanks to an increased triggerable range for each gesture.

  • This patch calibrates your hand automatically upon turn on (so make sure your hand is in the correct calibration position before turning on your device).

  • Patch BRAVO does NOT allow you to turn off your device using the power button (so should you wish to turn off your device, you will have to either manually turn off the device (by dismantling the device and unplugging the battery) or wait for your device to run out of battery naturally (for e.g. overnight).

  • Patch BRAVO allows you to recalibrate without having to restart your device. You may do so by pressing down and holding the power button for two vibrations (called pulses) and then releasing it. After 2-3 seconds, you'll feel a double pulse - this means your device has recalibrated.

  • Users who wish to "travel" between different gestures without having to sound other chords can now do so by using pressure! By squeezing any of the pressure sensors on the device you can now instantly cut off the sound from being produced.


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