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Introducing Patch BRAVO. You'll find this patch to be an optimised version of patch ALPHA, plus with some added features i.e. various 90-degree gestures within only the front-facing half-sphere space of the user will produce different block chords. In this patch, you'll also be able to:


  1. Change between these chords much more smoothly and reliably thanks to an increased success range for each triggerable gesture.
  2. Use pressure to instantly cut off the sound being produced so that should wish to "travel" between gestures without sounding them, you may now do so!
  3. Press the power button for 2 pulses during turn-on and be able to recalibrate your device so you do not now have to wait overnight for your device to turn off in order to recalibrate!


We read all feedback and implement it into our future patch releases. Let us know what you think of Patch BRAVO here!


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