Become a musician.
Turn your movement into music.

The all-round wearable electronic musical instrument. The world of music making is now at your fingertips…literally!

Easy create music

GripBeats® - The all-round wearable device electronic musical instrument

This product adapts to “all levels of musician”

Enter the realms of music making you never even knew existed!

And explore evendeeper as you understand the meaning behind creativity, and the theory of soundand music itself

Play any instrument,sound or style, at your hands’ commands

Musicians of the future, welcome to now!

GripBeats® is an AI wearable technology which allows users to make music through predefined motion and touch controls

Mix your music, the way you want to

Be a live DJ

Attach it to yourhand, your wrist, or rest it on any flat surface and voila, you’re your ownportable DJ and musician

This product adapts to “all levels of musician”

Play drums and in a number of ways

Or you’re already a musician? But you could definitely be more engaged in how often you practice: simulate scales OR rudiments through a variety of gestures such as rotating, gripping, or tapping to name a few.

Control the soundsyou play with your smartphone or device WITH THE GRIPBEATS APP

With GreapBeats APP


Transforming even the most basic gestures into apool of sounds

GripBeats APP

Our AI algorithm allows GripBeats® to becalibrated to your hand, whatever the size! Accurate and high response rateover BLE (Bluetooth)

Optimized for Mobile

Wear or place GripBeats in any position to discover ways of making music which resonate best with you, ways even you didn’t think were possible!


Nibh Elit Tristique


Aenean Condimentum


Quam Inceptos



Machine learning




“GripBeats® started offas a passion project and as it got more and more real well, it is still is!We’ve finally been hitting breakthroughs with our latest minimum viable productprototypes and you can tell from the looks on people’s faces. We just can’twait to get this beauty launched!”

David Wexler

CEO & Novapans founder

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