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GripBeats® is a bracelet which i) wraps around your wrist, ii) extends around your hand, and iii) is placeable on a flat surface.

32 individual touch-sensitive pressure sensors, a 9-axis motion sensor (acceleration, direction, position), are just a couple of the many features which fuse together to make GripBeats®.

The diversity to play any musical sound and the sophistication to teach you the art of music-making all through virtual, portable and affordable learning!


GripBeats® was created to allow non-musicians to make great music and for professionals to take their music creations to new levels. 

GripBeats® was built by musicians and engineers to combine years of traditional music-making with the latest technologies for motion and touch controls. 

What you get is this slick, slim and adaptable bracelet for all kinds of music-making! 

The Gripbeats® app

a musical instrument that fits aLL hands' SHAPES AND SIZES.

designed and refined.


in-app controls.

For the GripBeats® App on iOS and Android.


GripBeats® is also usable on Mac, Windows and many other mobile devices as long as they are able to receive BLE MIDI (MIDI over Bluetooth).

The gripbeats® app

Available on iOS and Android.

jam with your friends wirelessly